eVetan is a simple, easy to use, self-service and completely online payroll processing platform; that also helps you generate all reports required for employee related statutory compliances.

Before we begin to understand how you can operate eVetan, let us understand what it does for your business:

1)        Setup all your employee records; their personal & professional information, tax declarations, salary summary, leaves, advances & loans details.

2)        With eVetan; you can process accurate salaries for your employees and also deduct sums whether Professional Tax, Income Tax, advances, loans etc.; to arrive at the monthly net pay.

3)        With eVetan; you can give online access to your employees through the online ESS (employee self service). Employees can login to check their pay slips, declare their investments for tax purposes and also view other summaries such as leaves, advances and loans history.


1)      How do I start using eVetan for processing payroll?

To start using eVetan; you will have to first register yourself as a business by accessing the following URL:


When you register, you will receive an automated email on your email address which will ask you to click on a link. On clicking this link; we verify your email address and also send you the password for your eVetan account on your mobile phone.

To login to your eVetan account, you will need to access the following URL:


2)      While registering, what do I need to register as – Business, Service Provider or Reseller?

If you want to use eVetan for your own company’s payroll needs; you will have to register as a Business.

Service Provider registration is for businesses/individuals that wish to use our online platform to offer payroll services to their clients.

Resellers are businesses/individuals who wish to become our authorized partners. These entities are typically software distributors who take our product to the market. With a reseller login, entities can allocate credits to their clients.

3)      Tell me the process flow of setting up data on eVetan and processing salaries on a monthly basis?

Once you have registered with us and you receive a username and password for your online eVetan account; you have access to all features of eVetan. As soon as you login; the system takes you to your home page. Here you can create as many companies as you want by clicking on “Add a new company”. With this you have created the database which will records all your company information for processing payroll.

Setting up data on eVetan is easy and a step by step process. The entire setup process is divided into 3 categories

a)      Company Details – Please enter the information asked by the system. The most important sub category here is “Policy Information’ where you need to enter Policy rules for the company whose payroll you wish to process.

b)      Salary Heads – This section within Setup lets you define your monthly allowances, annual allowances, your deductions and various other heads as per the needs of the organization. You can create as many heads as you want.

c)      Employees – a simple click through process will guide you in setting up employee records here.

4)      Once I have finished the setup process, what is the next step?

Once you have finished setting up your company, salary heads and employee details; you are ready to start processing salaries for the first month.

To do this, you need to go to the “Pay” page from within the “Company” home page or access “Process Payroll” from your Home Page.

Payroll processing is divided into 2 steps –

a)      Process Pay – in this section; you can enter the number of days that the employee was present in a month and overtime hours (if applicable). Additionally, you have an option to enter any ad-hoc allowances or deductions by clicking on Ad-hoc, that opens up a pop-up window for any last minute editing.

b)      Approve Pay – Approve Pay gives you the option to review the net pay details before you finalise the payroll for a particular employee for the month. In this stage, you have an option to make any last minute changes to the deductions by clicking on “Change” under deductions heading.

5)      How do I set Overtime feature on eVetan?

To be able to pay your employees Overtime; you will need to select this allowance head by accessing

Setup — >Salary Heads — > Heads for Monthly Earnings.

Once you have selected Overtime as an allowance head; you can set the Overtime rate by accessing

Setup — > Employees — > Pay

6)      How do I setup leaves on eVetan?

You can define leave heads for your company by accessing

Setup — >Salary Heads — > Heads for Leaves

Once you have defined leave heads; you can allocate leaves for a particular employee by accessing

Setup — > Employees — >Leaves

This section lets you define annual or monthly leaves for the particular employee. If you setup a type of leave as an Annual Leave; these will be valid for the entire year (eVetan considers the year as the financial year from April to March)

Similarly you can also define a leave as a Monthly Leave also. In this scenario; leaves are allocated every month.

You also get the option to define whether the leaves are forwarded or encashed in this sub-section.

7)      How do I ensure that eVetan does not deduct pay for absent days if such absenteeism was approved or leave was granted?

To ensure that eVetan does not deduct for absent days; you will have to sanction those number of days as approved leaves.

You can do this by accesing

Setup — > Employees — > Leaves — > Sanction Leave

(You will have to ensure that leaves that you sanction are less than the leave balance that the employee has in his account. Refer to FAQ 6 to understand how you can allocate leave balance to an employee)

Once you do this, you will see that the “Process Pay” page (when you are processing payroll for a particular month) carries the number of leaves sanctioned for a particular employee under the “Leaves” head.

8)      How does eVetan manage Advance and Loans?

When you give an advance or a loan to an employee; eVetan gives you the option to manage these payout and to collect them with or without interest over subsequent months.

You can setup Advance or Loan details for a particular employee by accessing

Setup — > Employee — > Pay — > Give an Advance/Give a Loan

9)      How does eVetan manage all statutory compliances related to employees?

With eVetan, you don’t have to worry about various statutory compliances that are applicable to your employees. eVetan has inbuilt formulae  setup that ensures that when you process payroll for your employees, the system calculates accurate PF, ESI, PT and TDS deduction.

To turn this auto feature on, you need to access

Setup — > Salary Heads — > Heads for Deductions

Here you can select the deductions that you wish to comply with; whether PF (Employee Provident Fund Contribution), ESI (Employee State Insurance Contribution, PT (Professional Tax) or TDS (income tax).

However, for some employees, where you do not wish to deduct any PF, ESI, PT or TDS contribution; you can choose to turn this feature off by accessing

Setup — > Employees — > Pay — > Deductions

10)      How do I give online logins to employees?

eVetan allows you to allocate online accounts called as Employee Self Service (ESS) to your employees.

This feature gives username and password details to employees which they can use to login to their own personal and secure payroll account; to view their paylips, and other details. With their online ESS, they can also declare investments for tax purposes and you need not collect physical investment forms from the employees.

To give online ESS

Setup — > Employees — > ESS