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Payroll Calendar (Download) contains a yearly calendar that will help you manage your payroll function by setting reminders for various payouts as well as statutory compliances.

Assuming your salary date as the 7th of every month, which may change from organization to organization, the attached document outlines the cut-off dates every month of statutory compliances (monthly PF, ESI, PT, TDS payments) as well as the cut-off dates for quarterly, half-yearly and yearly return filings.

  • PF – Annual Return Filings
  • ESI – Half Yearly Return Filings
  • TDS – Quarterly Return Filings
  • PT – Annual Return Filings

Download Payroll Calendar for companies in India

Why eVetan?

Friends, family, ex-colleagues wonder !!!!

Why a venture the concept of which would put the vast majority to sleep…. Considering the team that we have, the backgrounds, the intellect; why of all business ideas was eVetan conceptualized? Obviously, this isn’t a Google-kinds search play, neither an uber-cool consumer portal nor the next-gen social network.

Well eVetan serves a purpose, and it serves pretty well. It’s for the lacs and lacs of small businesses who want to incorporate a professional process in their organizations. Something that till now was only for the big boys; large businesses, which did not have to think twice before implementing an expensive payroll application.

The founding team has had experience of running startups prior to eVetan, and that’s when the concept of eVetan came about. We had the fortune of working with large MNCs and when we started our own entities, the idea was to implement the best that they have in terms of systems & processes into our own startups. Obviously that was not to be. So whether it was a finance control package or an HRMS or a stand alone payroll system; we realized that there was nothing for us. Everything that we wanted had an expensive upfront cost, prohibitive AMCs and features that were more than we ever needed.

eVetan.com is our endeavor to address this need gap. Offer the most reliable and professional industry benchmarked payroll application at prices that small & mid sized businesses can easily afford.

And yes, for our friends, family and ex-colleagues, we will be one of those internet plays that will go onto make money; what with more than 13 mio SMBs as our potential market.

This means we can continue to hire the best talents, offer the most exhaustive online features & quality service to our customers, generate scale & tech efficiencies to continually offer more value for money; and be the one point source of all knowledge related to Indian Payroll & Employee Regulations for SMBs.

Obviously, this isn’t a Google-kinds search play, neither an uber-cool consumer portal nor the next-gen social network…