About Us

eVetan is a result of a desire to provide the best payroll capabilities in the simplest form to small and mid sized businesses at a price which they can easily afford. We are passionate about small businesses and our mission is to help companies have access to professional payroll know-how; which otherwise is within the realms of only bigger, larger organizations.

eVetan promoters are first generation entrepreneurs and have faced in their startups prior to eVetan; the daunting challenge of managing the myriad employee laws as well as offering professional payroll benefits to their employees at affordable prices. eVetan has been developed to cater to millions of such promoters, owners, first generation entrepreneurs, and other small to mid sized businesses.

eVetan was conceived as an online payroll software system primarily to make it affordable to the millions of small and mid sized businesses; since with the web as a delivery channel, costs are drastically reduced. Additionally eVetan’s fixed per employee pricing has been developed to ensure that there are no hidden charges ever and companies pay for what they use.

Our in-house team of payroll experts has years of experience in Indian Payroll and Statutory compliances laws. In addition to this domain know-how; we have worked for hundreds of hours with our designers to come out with an application that is extremely easy to use and flexible to adapt. The objective was to ensure that even individuals who were not payroll experts could comfortably operate our product.