Process Payroll Online For Your Clients

If you are a service provider offering bookkeeping, professional accounting, or labour consulting solutions to your clients, eVetan will act as your business enabler and add a recurring source of revenue. Adding payroll services to your existing suite of offerings will add value to your relationship with clients and help to deepen your engagements with them.

eVetan will allow you to offer monthly payroll processing and statutory compliances services to an unlimited number of your clients including monthly payroll calculations, generation of payslips, salary sheets, bank transfer instructions, and accurate PF, ESI, and PT challans. With eVetan, you can also offer numerous reports to your clients for better analysis and decision making.

What's more, you can choose to offer Employee Self Service facility over the internet to employees of your clients; which will enable them to view their pay history, payslips, leaves summary, reimbursements, advances & loan history from anywhere & anytime. With eVetan ESS, employees of your clients also have the flexibility to declare their investments online for tax benefits as well as view their tax statement and CTC statement.

An extremely easy to use interface and flexible architecture ensure that you can take up multiple assignments without the fear of any work overload.

Extra resources that you would have otherwise had to hire to carry out complex, and cumbersome calculations, loads of paperwork and statutory payments; can be easily managed with eVetan.

eVetan is India’s first fully automated and end-to-end ONLINE payroll software designed specifically keeping the Small & Mid sized business needs in mind.

eVetan has been very attractively priced to enable profitable returns to lacs of service providers offering bookkeeping, accounting, labour consulting and payroll outsourcing solutions.

Our online payroll system allows you to generate upto 100% + returns by offering eVetan powered payroll services to your clients at market rates of Rs. 50 to Rs. 250 per employee per month.

If you are interested in partnering with us for distribution of to your network of clients, please write to us or call us for special discounted pricing on bulk purchases. Or leave your contact details, and we will get in touch with you.

Salient Features

  • Start offering Payroll and Statutory Compliances Services to your existing clients;
  • Create a new and profitable revenue stream
  • See your client relationships strengthen
  • If you are already offering payroll services, migrating your clients onto eVetan will reduce your cost, resource utilization and effort by more than 80%.
  • Eliminate all your hassles with eVetan’s online end-to-end and automated payroll processing and statutory compliances application
  • No need to buy expensive desktop applications; save on the upfront cost
  • Pay as per use
  • Create multiple clients
  • No need to be worried about keeping yourself updated with changes in Income Tax rules and employee regulations; eVetan will give you access to all the notifications and changes. Keep ahead of your competition by passing on this knowledge to your clients
  • Offer web based Employee Self Service access to your clients’ employees
  • Manage all your client transactions through eVetan’s online and user friendly back office:
    • Start of Service
    • Invoice Summary
    • Reminders for payroll processing as well as statutory compliance dates
    • Set your own custom reminders
    • Payments due and collections summary
  • Even if you stop paying us, your data resides in our servers and is available to you forever. Once you sign up with eVetan, you are our customer for life