What We Do

eVetan is India’s FIRST fully automated and end-to-end Online Payroll Software System for Small & Mid sized businesses and third party payroll service providers in India. We are a unique Software as a Service company in the Indian Payroll Domain.

We help you automate your payroll system in quick easy steps. We have spent hundreds of man hours designing eVetan in a way that ensures ultimate ease of use and accessibility from any web browser over the internet.

Additionally, our rich team of Subject Matter Experts ensure that you have access to the most accurate and up to date Labour Laws and Statutory Compliances know-how anytime from anywhere.

eVetan has been designed in a way that incorporates the industry’s best practices in salary structuring. So when you set up your company details on eVetan, you automatically start internalizing a smart and professional payroll system for your organization.

Feel like a Multi National Corporation even if you are a Small & Mid sized business and give the most professional salary benefits to your employees.

Further, use of eVetan ensures you save on time, effort and money. Cut down on cumbersome paperwork and additional resources cost by using eVetan.

We do all of the above and more at rates that suit your budget. eVetan lets you process payroll for Rs. 40 per employee per month; and if you buy our bulk packages, you can take this price to as low as Rs. 20 per employee per month.

What's more, once you are on eVetan, you have access to all your employee records, company data and processed salary data FOREVER, even if you stop subscribing, just like any other desktop software.


  • Set up your company and employee information in quick easy steps.
  • Setup as many salary heads and deductions as needed.
  • Setup as many reimbursement heads as needed and track the same along with salary payouts.
  • Have the flexibility to add adhoc allowances and deductions just before processing payroll.
  • Change values under any deduction heads at the last moment before processing your payroll.
  • Process Payroll every month in 2 easy clicks.
  • Generate basic and advanced Payslips, Salary Sheet, and Bank Transfer Instructions instantly.
  • Email or export all of the above from your browser at the click of a button.

Statutory Compliances

  • Generate accurate statutory challans (PF, ESI, PT) every month with a click.
  • Generate half yearly and yearly returns for all your statutory compliances (PF and ESI).
  • Generate Form 16 for your employees.

eVetan has built-in features that keep you one step ahead of all statutory compliances. Now never miss any statutory payments deadlines and save thousands of Rupees in unnecessary interests and penalties; which otherwise you may have had to pay.

Additionally, if you DO NOT need to conform to statutory compliances for a particular employee or set of employees, eVetan gives you the flexibility to override any statutory deductions.

Employee Self Service

  • Give an online login to all your employees which comes absolutely free with eVetan.
  • Let your employees view their pay history, payslips, leaves summary, reimbursements, advances & loan history from anywhere & anytime.
  • With eVetan ESS, employees have the flexibility to declare their investments online for tax benefits.
  • Your employees can view their tax statement and CTC statement anytime from anywhere.


eVetan has lots of predefined reports that help you manage your salaries, statutory compliances and employee records effortlessly.

Reports related to your salary payouts, deductions, reimbursements, loans, advances,; employee summary, statutory payments summary, challans, forms and half yearly/yearly returns, Form 16, and cost reports; can be generated instantly.