Why eVetan?

Because eVetan gives you everything you need to make your payroll processing Quick, Easy and Professional.

Also get access to a free mobile app for employees.

Automate regular HR tasks such as allow employees to check-in from anywhere for remote attendance tracking, view their payslips, declare tax information, apply for leaves & more.

How to download employee mobile app:
  • Create business admin account on www.evetan.com
  • Update company and employee information
  • Create employee login in setup & share Unames & pwds
  • Employees download Insido App (powered by eVetan) on Google Playstore or click here to download.
  • Incorporate industry best practices in salary structuring and payroll processes
  • Login to Insido app through the credentials shared

eVetan Features

    Ease and Flexibility

    • India’s First and Only pay-per-use online payroll software
    • Accessible anywhere and anytime using any web browser
    • Fully automated and end to end Online Payroll Application
    • Extremely easy to use and flexible
    • Incorporate industry best practices in salary structuring and payroll processes
    • In built statutory compliances domain know-how
    • Guaranteed updates in the event of any changes in Income Tax rules and Statutory compliances at no EXTRA COST
    • Pay for what you use; option to select no of employees; money saved by not investing in features that are not needed
    • Fast and Easy step by step process to payroll processing; eliminates hassles as eVetan automate all tasks

    Payroll Setup

    • Create unlimited number of companies
    • Setup company data, employee records and define salary structure in quick easy steps
    • Import/export from Excel
    • Create unlimited departments, grades, branches of the company
    • Ideal for small & midsized companies with 2 to 500 employee base
    • Online Payroll system that lets create unlimited salary heads and deductions
    • Incorporate overtime calculations and payments
    • Setup unlimited reimbursement heads for specific or set of employees
    • Create unlimited number of adhoc allowances and deductions
    • Change deductions values just before processing
    • Auto calculation of all statutory compliances PF, ESI, and PT
    • Auto calculation of employee TDS values

    Processing / Disbursement / Compliances / Employee Self Service

    • Process Monthly Payroll in a 2 step process
    • Generate Payslips, Salary Sheets and Bank Transfer Instructions.
    • Flexibility to export payslips, salary sheet in MS Excel or PDF
    • Email Payslips to employees directly
    • Generate accurate challans of all statutory compliances (PF, ESI, PT, TDS)
    • Generate accurate half yearly and yearly return statements of PF, and ESI
    • Generate Form 16 for employees
    • Create numerous reports like Salary Summary, OT Summary, Advances Summary, Loans Summary, Deductions Summary, Reimbursements Summary, Leaves Availed v/s Balance Summary
    • Create CTC statements and Tax statements of employees
    • Create cost center reports
    • Direct deposit of employee salaries into their savings accounts in 1 single click
    • Give online logins to employees; ESS (Employee Self Service Module) absolutely free
    • Auto and custom reminders that ensures timely processing of payroll, meeting statutory payment deadlines and filing of annual/half yearly statutory returns.

    Additional Payroll Features

    • Give Advances and loans (with custom interest rates) and auto deduct from salary payouts
    • Allocate leaves; Create leaves forwarding and leaves encashment rules
    • Online leaves and reimbursements management modules
    • PT slabs of 10 + states available. Choose PT state as applicable for individual employees
    • Set up employee investment details from a list of all investment heads available for tax exemptions

eVetan v/s Spreadsheets

  • eVetan gives you an easy to setup as well as easy to use interface to manage all your data concerning company details, employee details, salary details, pay history and statutory deduction details.
  • If you have been using spreadsheets to carry out your payroll calculations; you would have to store these data records in separate files and open multiple files whenever you need to fish out any records.
  • Besides monthly payroll calculations is a cumbersome activity where you need to create tens of formulaes to carry out even basic salary calculations.
  • Additionally any changes in your employee records, or pay heads leads compel you to change, correct or update tens of formulaes and data inputs.
  • Resultantly, there is a high likelihood of human errors creeping into your salary calculations.
  • Speadsheets also do not come with the most upto date and accurate statutory compliances rules in built; thus you need to be continuously updated with various changes in employee rules and regulations before you process your monthly salaries
  • eVetan gives you predefined reports and an Employee Self Service Login which are definitely not possible with spreadsheets.
  • eVetan is also an online payroll system, so you get the convenience of accessing the application anytime and anywhere. You can be rest assured that no data that you have once setup will ever be lost.
  • eVetan is a professional way of managing your payroll processes as well as offering enhanced employee benefits at extremely affordable prices.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the rapidly growing tribe of businesses who have discovered a new way of managing their payroll with eVetan.

eVetan v/s Desktop Software

  • You need to be a payroll expert and a software geek to find your way through a Desktop Payroll Software. However, at eVetan, payroll process has been simplified to ensure that even a person with no payroll background can easily use it.
  • Desktop applications can be unreliable, as in the event of a system crash, all your data can be lost.
  • eVetan hosts all your data with some of the world’s largest data centers with state of the art infrastructure, security systems, redundancy checks in place, so you can sleep peacefully and be assured that your data is ALWAYS SAFE.
  • No upfront cost; you pay as per your needs and you get to use eVetan at extremely inexpensive prices.
  • Your total cost of ownership of the software is much less than any desktop application available locally in the market.
  • Desktop applications come with an upfront cost + Annual Maintenance Fees + Fees for updates + Fees for customization.
  • In the end you are not even sure whether the application gives you reliable and accurate calculations.
  • With eVetan, you are Guaranteed accurate & latest rules as well as best industry practices. Additionally, we charge you for what you use; any updates in rules and product upgrades are absolutely Free. Since eVetan is an online application, any changes are immediately available to all our customers.
  • Even if you stop paying us, your data resides in our servers and is available to you forever. Once you sign up with eVetan, you are our customer for life.